Briefly, Johan Baudart ...

Some call the "finger of God"

Johan Baudart's sculptures are exclamation points or question, watching the human in the eyes, and invite either to bed now, either to move again.

Where they don't touch the lines and steel languages collide hypothetical extensions that the eyes can not help creating and bringing the audience into a shared creation, although time between massive presences of steel, and the impalpable but eternal emptiness.

In front of Johan Baudart's sculpture, the feeling is even stronger than the big bang is inside.

Johan Baudart is a multiple artist : he draws, carves and paints works of any size, in which the celestial matter sailing in the heart of large voids, looking for the color of living, living that blossoms sometimes in pain often or simply to remain a dark spot, deaf to the call of becoming. ... In the studio, the "finger of God" getting in hand's sculptor.

S. Vincke.